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Our Vision/Our Mission

We at the First Baptist Church see ourselves as the visible and local expression of God’s people. We believe that we hold this identity as God’s people because of what God has done for us through Jesus. We call this message of what God has done for us “The Gospel,” which means “good news.” You can find out more about this good news here.

In response to this good news, we see our mission as a church in three ways.

Reaching up (Carol Combs, during a 5th Sunday Singing)

First, we respond by reaching up. Because of who God is, what He has done, and what He promises to continue doing, we express praise and thankfulness to Him. Our upreach is seen as we gather together corporately and as we encourage each member to cultivate personal communion with God.


Reaching in (student fundraiser)

Second, we respond by reaching in. Because of what God has done for us and to us, we commit ourselves to one another as church members. We look for ways to encourage one another, pray for one another, correct one another, teach one another, challenge one another, meet one another’s needs, rejoice with one another, and weep with one another.


Reaching out (Relay for Life)

Third, we respond by reaching out. Because of what God has done for us, we are called to take that same kindness and love and mercy and grace to those in our community, those across our nation, and those around the world. This includes meeting physical needs, alleviating suffering, and advocating for justice, but our highest priority is to see people made right with God through the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.