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Core Values

The following are the core values of First Baptist Church, Nocona. We desire that they define and drive this ministry, and that they guide us in the use of our resources. We value…

Pastor Dave Woodbury leads the worship service
  • The Lordship of Christ
    …as seen in our optimism, our flexibility, our willingness to act in faith, and our observance of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Scripture
    …as seen in our commitment to biblical preaching and teaching, our commitment to godly leadership, and our emphasis on Christian education.
  • Grace
    …as seen in our message of God’s complete provision, unconditional acceptance, and full forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our encouragement for children of God to walk according to the Spirit, and our refusal to motivate through guilt, shame, and condemnation.
Women's ministry 'Sundaes on Saturday'
  • People
    …as seen in our commitment to counseling and support groups, our emphasis on compassion, our commitment to evangelism, and our commitment to local and global missions.
  • Prayer
    …as seen in our eagerness to share both triumphs and trials with one another, casting them all on Jesus, and trusting His goodness, mercy, and sovereignty for the result.
  • Family
    …as seen in our emphasis on an intergenerational church, our ministry to children and youth, our commitment to fellowship, and our love for one another as a community of faith.
Work day at the church
  • Worship
    …as seen in our desire to be God-centered rather than man-centered, our commitment to all God-honoring, biblically faithful elements regardless of style, and our eagerness to treat ALL gatherings of the church as unto God and all of life as lived for His glory.
  • Authenticity
    …as seen in our willingness to embrace laughter, weeping, exuberance, lament, rejoicing, and grief, and our freedom to be who we were made to be in Christ.
  • Responsibility
    …as seen in our commitment to financial responsibility corporately and individually and our commitment to good stewardship of all church properties.
The Bible Class Christmas party
  • Discipleship and Growth*
  • Ministry/Service*

* These are aspirational values. While they are not yet visible values, we desire and purpose to make them our values.