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Multimedia Ministry

Video ministry delivers DVD monthly

Podcasts (audio of the Revelation classes, Two Ways to Live, Principles of Spiritual Growth, and many more.) are available here on the FBC Nocona site You may listen to the podcasts as streaming audio from here, or download any or all of them to your computer.

Please let Tommy and Jo Dorland know if you have anyone we can add to our Video distribution list. We would love to add anyone who is unable to attend Sunday School and Worship Service. So many can benefit from God’s Word as given to us through Dave, Steve, Wayne, and many others.

We also ask for your prayers for this ministry and the individuals who are reached as they hear God’s Word taught and preached, sung, and praised; pray for God to bless them and give them what He would have them to hear.

Video DVDs are delivered once a month to area nursing homes and our list of homebound residents. We also place a copy of all of our current DVDs in the Church Library for anyone to borrow, view, and return.

Contributions are accepted but not required. Please make checks to First Baptist Church
(for) Multimedia Ministry