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Our Ministries

In this section, you will find information on the various ministries we provide to our church family, as well as the missions we support and with which we participate.

Adult IV Men's Sunday School class

Men’s Ministry

Learn more about the ways the men of God in our family are serving Him in our church and community.


Women's ministry 'Fruits of the Spirit'

Women’s Ministry

The men have no monopoly on service! Learn more about the Women’s Ministry here.


Student ministry

Student Ministry

Learn more about the ways we minister to our students… and they minister to us.


Kid's Rock

Children’s Ministry

Children are never too young to learn about God and His love for us. Learn about our Children’s Ministry.


Multimedia ministry: Tommy Dorland operates a video camera

Multimedia Ministry

Our multimedia ministry ensures that those who are unable to attend our services—or anyone else, for that matter—can benefit from being able to access recordings of the teaching of God’s word at FBC Nocona. Learn more about our Multimedia Ministry.


First Baptist Church choir sings praises

Music Ministry

Our music ministry leads the way as we worship our Lord Jesus Christ through song. Learn more about our Music Ministry.


Brazil mission trip


Learn about the missions we support and with which we participate.